Did you ever walk into a supplement store and have no idea which product was right for you? Pangea Biomedical is a group of active research scientists whose goal is to take the guesswork out of supplementation. Origins is based on modern science of cellular biochemistry and nutrition and designed for the specific needs of people over the age of 40. It was designed from 14 different individual ingredients to improve cellular function, and make people feel better and more energetic NATURALLY. Let’s take a look at why.

Humans evolved as plant eaters- this is clear from our wide, flat grinding teeth and absence of the pointed incisors of meat eaters. While protein (meat) is necessary for physical health, our cellular function was built on a plant foundation. Unfortunately, plants have changed over the past 6,000 years and no longer provide all of the nutrition our cells need.

During the past 6,000 years, our ancestors have chosen the least bitter plants to grow in their gardens. It is now known that many of the most beneficial nutrients in plants have a bitter or sour taste.

This taste is part of the self-protection mechanism of plants to discourage predators (insects and animals). This selective breeding produces plants which provide more nutrition to greater numbers of people. We have become very adept at it- but in the process, have changed the biochemistry of plants to include more sugars and starches and less of the plant nutrients which helped human cells become most effective.

The cumulative effect of this is the fact that wild dandelions have seven times more vital nutrients than spinach, which we consider a superfood. A purple potato has 28 times more anthocyanins than common russet potatoes. One older species of apple has 100 times more total nutrients than the Golden Delicious.

As we age, our cells develop cumulative damage from conditions in the modern world- pollution, chemicals, stress and general cell aging are all contributing factors. These changes are part of the reason that people over 40 are more tired, recover slower and have weaker immune systems than when they were younger.  Pangea Origins was designed to return our cells to their most effective with the natural plant plant nutrients missing from our diets. Stronger cells create more ATP (cellular energy), speed recovery and boost the immune system. After taking Pangea Origins for 3-5 days, most adults will notice less post activity soreness, more energy evenly available throughout the day, and better overall health. Most people will notice lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and better sleep.

The 14 ingredients in Origins were selected from the current research being done in the best research facilities in the world. Our scientists take all the guesswork out of supplementation with the most cutting edge science. Safe, affordable, and effective.

For the first time, Pangea Origins gives people over 40 a 10-12 year head start on overall health and fitness. Who should take Origins? Every adult over 40 will benefit. It is an investment in short and long term health.

Stop living your life in neutral.