At Pangea, our mission is to constantly raise the standard for nutritional supplements for people over 40. By sourcing natural ingredients, applying peer-reviewed research, and utilizing laboratory biochemistry, Pangea aspires to transform lives through better nutrition and health, helping people unlock their true potential.
Once you hit 40, you start to look at your life—and your health—a little differently. You look at things carefully, critically, and thoughtfully.
That’s good. Like you, we’re careful, critical, and thoughtful. We encourage scrutiny. Why? Because the more you understand your health, the better decisions you’ll make. And the more you understand Origins, the more confident you’ll be about taking it. We produce Origins in this same careful, thoughtful, methodical way.
Taken daily, Origins offers multiple benefits for adults over 40, ranging from more energy to lower blood pressure. Benefits you can expect include:

  • More energy: With 14 ingredients to improve cellular functioning, Origins is designed to help people over 40 feel naturally energetic throughout the day. Muscle cells rely on adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as an energy source. The ATP we need comes from mitochondria. To make ATP, mitochondria need fuel and oxygen. You provide the oxygen. Origins provides the fuel.
  • Less soreness: By interacting with multiple metabolic pathways, Origins lessens the effects of exercise-induced inflammation and reduces post-exercise muscle and joint soreness. Origins also contains molecules with ergogenic effects, one of which helps muscles use fat instead of carbs as fuel.
  • Optimal muscle mass: After 40, you can lose about 8% of your muscle mass each decade, known as sarcopenia. By providing plant nutrients missing from modern diets, Origins triggers growth of mitochondria, which lead to an increase in ATP, the molecule that skeletal muscles use for fuel.
  • Greater endurance: Origins helps you push yourself harder and longer. It triggers growth of mitochondria, which make adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the fuel for muscles. Molecules in Origins also scavange reactive oxygen species (ROS), which results in less post-training muscle damage, particularly during endurance training.
  • Better overall health: The effects from Origins don’t stop with your muscles. The same factors that help improve athletic performance also can contribute to other enhancements to your health: lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and support for your immune system. You might even find yourself sleeping better.

Pangea scientist Loren Bertocci Ph.D, is available on Facebook @pangeabiomedical  to answer any questions you might have.